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Balancing Polarity Through Modern & Ancient Lenses

A course by Yuval Ron, Ahmed Yehia and Dr. Richard Gold.

This 10-day course introduces you to tools and experiential learning centering around the crucial issues of the day: conflict, destructive polarity and tension. Using deep experiential guided meditation practices, and psychological concepts from the wisdom traditions of Kabbalah, the Tao and Western Philosophy, you will learn how to turn it all into a successful Dynamic Balance and a Shared Purpose.

This course is designed to apply within and beyond whatever you happen to call your “business” -- ranging from professional projects to friends and family, from community and global issues to the inner self and spirituality.

In the first four days, you will be guided in recognizing, feeling and “holding” the balance of “polarity.” Days 5 to 8, will lead you into the “balance of opposites” from the perspective of Kabbalah, the mystical teachings of Judaism. The ninth lesson is devoted to the ancient Taoist wisdom from China and the theory of Yin and Yang. The 10th and last lesson will bring the tools and ideas previously taught together to find the unity in it all, and to enjoy the final meditation practice of balancing polarity.

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